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Combination Ovens - Lincat

Here at Cater-Kwik, we stock a range of high specification combination ovens powered by Rational, including Fully Automatic Opus SelfCooking Center and manual Opus CombiMaster Plus models.

Please be in touch with our combination oven expert to discuss your requirements.

These combi's give you 30% faster food service, 30% more load with 20% less consumption!

HiDensityControl is a patented feature that ensures maximum uniformity every time. This unrivalled performance offers a powerful steam generator, dynamic air mixing, heat built up & extremely effective dehumidification. The result enables the machine to be able to perfectly coordinate precise interaction between power, air humidity & air flow. The fukk grid can be utilised giving you up to 30% more capacity than conventional combi steamers. Top quality food on every single rack, irrespective of batch size.

This is the basis that allows for consistent peak performance in every area, rack after rack, from front to back, big or small quantities.

Efficient Level Control allows you to use each rack for individual cooking processes with different food inserted at the same time rather than in succession. For example, you cook steaks, grilled vegetables, pizza and pain-fried fish or even steamed dishes such as vegetables and fish in a single load, with no taste transfer whatsoever. Each rack level is individually monitored and automatically signals when each food is ready. Efficient Level Control will even correct the cooking time according to the amount of food, how often and long the door is opened, ensuring that everything is cooked to perfection - every time.

Efficient level control replaces the need for numerous special appliance, cuts production times by 30%, saves up to 20% on energy usage, allows for less stress & chaotic situations.

Care Control only uses the amount of energy, water and chemicals for cleaning that it actually needs. The Self Cooking Control provides you with an automatic care and cleaning regime by detecting the level of soil and recommending a specific cleaning process need for the job. Conventional cleaning processes, using aggressive liquid cleaning agents, can present a safety hazard. These are eliminated with the solid tablets used with Care Control. The tablets include a descaling agent which ensures that limescale build up is a thing of the past. This eliminates the need for a separate water softener, saving you even more money.

Both cleanliness & hygiene are guaranteed protecting you combi for years to come. The cleaning processes can even take place unsupervised, overnight if desired, saving you more money on staff costs.

See HERE how much money these combi's can save your business from the start.

Lincat Self Cooking Center Combination ovens include 2 years on-site parts & labour warranty.

Lincat Combination Ovens: OSCC61, OSCC62, OSCC101, OSCC102, OSCC201, OSCC202, OCMP61, OCMP101, OCMP62, OCMP102, OCMP201 & OCMP202.

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