Cold Rooms

Cold rooms are the ideal chilled storage solution for commercial environments where chest/counter refrigeration no longer provides enough storage space.

When it comes to cold rooms, you have a choice of refrigeration unit; Integral or Remote.

Which type of refrigeration unit you need will depend on the environment in which you intend on building your cold room.

Remote Refrigeration Units:
•Compressor is located away from the cold room unit and connected by pipes.
•Ideal for hot or confined spaces where ventilation is limited such as a commercial kitchen.
•Considered the most popular and reliable refrigeration system.
•Usually more efficient than the integral units.
•More complex install, specialist engineer required.

Integral Refrigeration Units:
•Lower initial capital cost than remote systems.
•Units can be either wall (straddle) or ceiling mounted.
•Ideal for well ventilated areas.
•recommended for use in environments of up to 32ºC ambient.

If you're not sure which refrigeration system would be right for you, give our sales team a call on 01229 480001 for some friendly and helpful advice on our wide range of cold rooms.

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