Knowing Your Ice

March 3rd, 2017

Commercial ice machines what’s best for your business?


Which ice machine should I get? You think oh this will be easy I will get one that will have just enough ice to cover my business’s needs.

But what’s enough ice? Now generally one of these  are around 6kg of ice, from this how many times a day do you need to fill said bucket – if not buckets – and do the maths from there.

Maths question 1

Based on a theatre with 1 long bar and one shorter bar                                                                                                                          

Buckets – 5

Amount of times can be refilled on average of a busy day – (generally panto time of year when there is too much screaming “he’s behind you”)

{5 (start of the show) + 5 (ready for the interval)} x 2 (1 matinee +1evening performance) =20

6 (amount of ice in bucket) x 20 (amount of refills) =120 kg of ice needed on average for this hypothetical theatre.

*phew* Bet you didn’t realise that you would be hitch hiking back into a maths lesson just for buying an ice machine when you first thought about one did you.

From this you can now look at what size machine you need. On our website, our ice machines are sectioned into;                                                    

From here you can go on to find your perfect enough producing ice machine which is going to save the day. ….

Hold on…… what’s this? Types of ice??? Well that is another conundrum. What ice type is best for what I need? Here’s a run down on ice types and their uses;


Bullet Ice Bullet ice is ideal for establishments where ice is essential, but the                quality of the ice is not necessarily the most important factor. Due to the bullet-like shape and the holes in the base of the ice, this type of ice has a good ice to water ratio for rapid cooling.  Cloudy in colour.


Thimble Shaped IceThimble or “Top Hat” shaped ice is the ideal solution for “premium” ice cubes. Due to its shape, it is much less inclined to stick together in the machine, and floats freely in the glass providing maximum cooling.


Full Cube/Full Dice IceIt’s classic rhomboid shaped gives both practical and                aesthetic elements to the ice with nearly 100% ice to water ratio, and a smooth, neat appearance. Clear in colour.


Cubelet Ice Cubelet ice cubes are ideal for a range of establishments including health care, restaurants, offices, bars, and pubs. Their smaller size means that they are chewable, soft and light so it is suitable for many purposes.


Crescent IceCrescent shaped ice, or “half-moon ice is perfect for establishments that need to make advantage of maximum storage capacity. With minimum splash back when being put into drinks, crescent shaped ice is ideal for fast paced environments.


½ Cube / ½ Dice Ice½ Cube / ½ Dice, or “slab ice” cubes are ideal for keeping                 beverages cooled to a maximum ability with nearly 100% ice to water ratio.  The hard, clear, rhomboid shape produced by certain commercial ice machines is attractive and unique, making your chilled beverages more aesthetically pleasing.


Flaked ice Flaked ice machines produce more of a natural style of ice. From food preservation to display this is the best form. Flaked ice is good for maintaining perishables or of use within laboratories, fisheries, or cocktail bars.


From this you can decipher which ice type will be suited to your commercial residence. Upon finding how much you need and what type of ice you need the next consideration is space. Make sure you measure the space available include ventilation so that your wonderful new machine will run at optimum with no overheating.


Next on the list of decisions – price and energy efficiency. These tend to go hand in hand many energy efficient units can be slightly higher in price. On the flip side to this what you spend initially you will reap benefits of with your electricity bill at the end of the quarter which will ultimately take some of the strain off your business. In time, you will save the difference and further so an energy efficient machine is a large consideration with the benefits that you can collect.


Now you have all the information, you have made your decision for which one you want or need help finding the right one to serve your business needs give us a call on 01229 480001 and let our fabulous sales team help you every step of the way. Once it arrives make yourself a cocktail and sit and survey your marvellous purchase aaannnddd relax.

Visit Us at Pub 17 Show. 7th & 8th February 2017

February 7th, 2017

Visit PUB17

We’d like to invite customers old and new to drop in and meet us at PUB 17, Olympia, London*.

We’ve a selection of our best selling key lines of commercial catering equipment on display and our brochure packed full of them.

The only show dedicated to the UK pub industry is running on the 7th & 8th of February.

It’s free to attend* features over 200 exhibitors and boasts of 20+ free seminars from over 50 expert industry speakers.

Catering equipment supplier at PUB17 London


Industry heavyweights discuss hot topics such as investment, online marketing, recruitment and more.


Curated by some of the UK’s favourite beer sommeliers, the Beer Writers Bar offers insight and opportunities to meet regional brewers from across the UK.


This brand new PUB Garden is dedicated to making the most of the great British outdoors, hosting suppliers helping publicans to take their open-air offering up a notch.


The perfect spot to catch up with industry peers, establish new relationships, and share ideas.


Pick up some tips and tastings aimed at those looking for advice, training and inspiration around food & drink.


Take to the stage in front of an audience of publicans keen to discover must-have innovations, and present your services and products.


Central Level 1, Olympia Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8UX

Olympia is located in the centre of London, on Hammersmith Road, near High Street Kensington.

*The show is open to over 18s only.

Energy Efficient Williams Refrigeration – A Lifelong Investment!

February 3rd, 2017

Williams is one of the leading brands in commercial refrigeration. For more then 30 years Williams Refrigeration has earned an enviable reputation for quality,durability, high performance and innovative design.  A philosophy of continuous improvement and an unwavering commitment to quality has kept them at the forefront of the commercial refrigeration sector.


Williams refrigeration meets global commercial requirements and exceeds international ISO 9001-2008 quality standards.

At Cater-Kwik we offer you a wide range of  Williams Commercial Refrigeration including high performance cabinet fridges and freezers, refrigerated counters, blast chillers and freezers, topping units, multi-decks, display chillers and many others.

Williams Refrigeration

One of the main factors of Williams success is innovation. The company is driven by new ideas. Today, with global warming and energy costs presenting a major concern, energy consumption is one of the key factors when sourcing new refrigeration equipment. Our fridges and freezers are on 24/7 , they make up a huge portion of the energy bill for your business. Greenlogic is Williams’ commitment to supplying the most energy efficient and sustainable commercial refrigeration available  in today’s market. It not only focuses on the energy efficiency of the products but also on the impact they make on the environment.

Jade JC2-SA Counter

Williams CoolSmart controllers helps to reduce the energy consumption by utilising processes such as  fan and heater pulsing, intelligent defrost and independent management of evaporator and condenser fans.   Williams innovative low energy fans and bumper bars are made from recycled materials, which withstand corrosion and helps to maximise service life.  Williams refrigeration is developed in the ‘greenest’ way the market can offer now.  Williams models listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL) are eligible for 100% tax relief through the Carbon Trust’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme.

Quite often people tend to stick the budget products, thinking that small investments won’t affect them that much. But very commonly lower priced units consume more energy and aren’t environmentally friendly.  You will get your  money  back by investing in more expensive quality products, because they are more efficient and energy bills will be very low.  Most of Williams products come with a hydrocarbon option with a very small premium. However, by choosing hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant you can reduce your energy consumption up to 15% compared to standard refrigerants. Moreover by choosing HC, both noise and heat outputs from condenser are reduced – making your Williams HC units more pleasant to live with.

Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP): Zero, Global Warming Potential (GWP): Low

ETL/ECA The Carbon Trust’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (ECA) means businesses can claim 100% first year tax relief by buying energy-efficient products from the Energy Technology List (ETL). So if your business pays corporation tax at 28%, every £1,000 spent on qualifying equipment would reduce its tax bill in the year of purchase by £280. In contrast, for every £1,000 spent, the generally available capital allowance for spending on plant and machinery* would reduce your business’ tax bill in the year of purchase by £56. In other words, an ECA can provide a cash flow boost of £224 for every £1,000 spent in the year of purchase.

Bellow you can see two energy labels of relatively similar products.  Williams Jade 2 Doors Counter Fridge and Polar GD873 1 Door, 2 Drawers Refrigerated Prep Counter. Jade HJCSA counter has a bigger refrigerator capacity which is 197 litres when Polar GD873 is only 171 litres. Even though, the annual energy consumption of Jade counter fridge is 522kWh per year which is way lower than Polar 737kWh per year. So by buying quality, environmental friendly  products you can reduce your energy costs, save your money and reduce the harmful effects on our environment at the same time. A win win.

















January 25th, 2017

Microwaves have a place in most commercial kitchens and fast food outlets weather it is a low powered 1100 watt to warm up a pudding or the fastest way to heat up products with out sacrificing food quality for  the fast food chains.

You will see these high powered and high speed ovens in the fast food outlets such as Subway.  These machines give a great opportunity for customers who are looking to capture additional hot food revenues but have previously been limited by space and expertise. The compact eikon Ee2 (width only 38.3 cm) appliance lets anyone cook ‘hot food to go’ perfectly every time with easy touch controls.

Products can be ready to serve in less than a minute,  sandwiches including meat fillings, croissants, baguettes, toasted sandwiches or baking.

Eikon offer different sizes with model E2. E2s, E3, E3s, E4, E4s, E5, E5s,


Eikon E2


Eikon E5



Merrychef also offer heavy duty powerful microwaves up to 1925 watts, all stainless steel and stackable for space saving models HDM1800, Merrychef HD1925, NH2025.


Used daily are the lower powered microwaves 1000.1100.1400, 1500, 1800, 1900+ watts

You can chose from a few different manufactures  such as Buffalo, Blizzard, Burco, Samsung, Panasonic, Sammic, Daewoo, Merrychef.

Microwaves come with various warranties, the light duty microwaves start with 1 year warranty moving up to more powerful offerin a 3 year full warranty.

Now for the  fighting talk !!!!


Here at Cater-Kwik we work continually to make sure we offer our customers the best products at the best prices. Working close with the manufactures and checking prices daily.

Most of the Microwaves are delivered on a next day and we are here from 8 to 8 to take your order by phone 01229480001 or pop onto our web page and your leisure.

Simple equation


IF THIS IS YOU                            THEN YOU GOING TO NEED download (1)Products_700x600_e3






True Fridges and Freezers. Where did it all begin?

January 23rd, 2017

True is one of the leading commercial refrigeration manufacturers worldwide. It was established in 1945 by  Bob Trulaske, his father Frank and later his brother Art. They began manufacturing wrapped rail roll-top bottle coolers for beer and beverages in a multi-story warehouse on Pine Street in downtown St. Louis.  In 1948 a 7UP® salesman noticed one of the first refrigerators at a neighbourhood bar, after finding out it didn’t require an expensive block of ice, he had to know who built it. In 1948, the 7UP® company purchased its first order of True Roll Top Bottle Coolers, and the legacy was born.


Nowadays True manufactures all sorts of  fridges, freezers, prep counters  and display refrigeration.  Two of the most popular models are the T-19E-HC Commercial Stainless Steel Fridge and the True T-19FZ-HC Commercial Stainless Steel Freezer. True products are distinguished by their sleek design and quality components to ensure a long life of refrigeration with minimal energy consumption. State of the art components such as energy efficient compressors are used to exceed energy standards without sacrificing the workload. LED lights have been introduced in True units to offer a brilliant display while saving energy and reducing heat within.

bigicebox-true-t-19e_teu_hrBy matching and balancing hydrocarbon refrigeration with the latest refrigeration components, True engineers environmentally friendly refrigeration systems with shorter run times, lower energy consumption and the industry’s coldest holding temperatures. True has taken a large step in reducing its carbon footprint with the use of a hydrocarbon refrigerant, R290.


At Caterkwik you can chose between various models of True Refrigeration  and get the best deals in the country! Please check our website or call us on 01229 480001, we are open 8am-8pm 7 days a week.


The Jolly Never Stops

January 20th, 2017

People may believe that Jolliness only happens at Christmas . . .wrong

Here at Caterkwik the Jolly never stops with one of our top selling product range.

Jolly Glasswashers


Made with Italian quality, powerful wash pump & high efficiency boiler and to top it all off amazingly low prices.

Our commercial glass washers are ideal solution for any pub, bar, hotel, or restaurant.

Raining money on celebrating business man looking to the side

Our glass washer range from various sizes 12 pints glasswasher, 16 pints glasswasher & 25 pints glasswasher.

For we offer 7 days a week technical support team, and we also hold stock of parts where we can get to you next day delivery.

So we can turn that frown, upside down.

Caterkwik are here for you and we sell products for any needs if it is a glasswasher to a microwave.

We have the solution.

Problem solved grunge rubber stamp on white, vector illustration

Commercial Hot Cupboards, Plate Warmers & Holding Cabinets

January 19th, 2017

commercial hotcupboars_plate warmer_holding cabinets

For most commercial catering establishments the hot cupboard might not be the number one priority. The importance of the hot cupboard in the commercial kitchen should not to be underestimated. A commercial holding cabinet, hot cupboard or plate warmer will help your kitchen run a lot smoother. Efficiently maintain the service of piping hot, high quality food during times of peak demand.

Whether you are a high output restaurant, delivering plated meals for large scale events or hot meals to care home guests, Caterkwik has the hot cupboard for you.

From commercial plate warmers, mobile holding cabinets, gas hot cupboards or electric hot cupboard Caterkwik will help tailor the right hot cupboard for your establishment. Rest assured Caterkwik will not compromise on quality and we will not be beaten on prices.

Compact hot cupboards can ensure you maximise the space in your kitchen. Whilst providing storage for plates and a work top for food prep. Or why not add an ambient or heated gantry to fully utilise your serving area.

Caterkwiks range of hot cupboards include…

The diverse range from Caterlux. H Fereday & sons was established in 1862 and still owned by the effervescent family chairman David Fereday, so it is safe to to say they are experts in commercial hot cupboards and whatever your requirement they can mix and match to make to make you a perfect bespoke unit.

The Cater-Cook MAXI range of hot cupboards are robustly built with high quality stainless steel. The heavy duty, sturdy, durable construction last a life time as a work horse in your kitchen, allowing you to serve quality food fast. The Cater-Cook hot cupboards can come on legs or can be fitted with castors.

Lincat Panther hot cupboards are available in a number of different options. As Bain Marie top hot cupboards or plain top hot cupboards, mobile or static. Lincat are renowned for their quality and reliability of catering equipment.

Parry mobile serveries have an ergonomic, modular design making serving the food easier. Parry serveries feature a durable construction and easy cleaning.

BBQ, Barby, BBCUE, BAR-B-Q…..?

January 16th, 2017

I know what you’re thinking…

“BBQ in January?” “Why he’s lost his mind”

There is however method to this madness, with the 1 week of summer we tend to see North of Manchester you need to make the most of a clear day…hell it doesn’t even have to be clear look at these guys go for it.






Now let’s start talking equipment:

Foldable BBQ:cinderscaterer

Caterkwik’s bestseller is the innovative Cinders Slimfold TG160.  Years of practical refinements have not deterred Cinders from their goal of providing a versatile unit that supplies reliable heat. The Slimfold became the clear market leader within 2 years of its launch & has undergone 19 years of continual upgrading to maintain that position. Keeping it simple has held the TG160 status as a legendary “Workhorse of the industry”, anywhere from 48 hours non-stop production throughout a festival, to hot kipper buns on a traditional fishing dock this is a high functioning BBQ.


Hooded BBQ:big6burnerfirtree

Fir-Tree Big 6 Burner is the grand-daddy of the hooded BBQ, with a cool touch double skin hood, stainless steel main burners and side burner you can flame grill to perfection. The Big 6 also includes a handy cupboard to keep accessories in when you aren’t using them, electric pulse igniter and flame tamer for peace of mind that you won’t result in burning down the neighbors house and have as much body hair left as possible by the end of the day.

Man standing by large flame on grill

Keep checking Caterkwik for updates to our lines and the best deal on BBQ’s in the UK to ensure you don’t end up with a bargain DIY BBQ……from Tesco or Asda!






UK Council Approved Wheelie Bins.

January 15th, 2017

“It’s your turn to write a blog.”

“Great. I’ll enjoy that.”

“Make it short, entertaining, exciting and informative.”

“I’ll do my best. What am I writing about?”

“Wheelie Bins.”

Wheelie Bins?”


120L Green Wheelie Bin - Council Approved (EN840)- CK9208 120L Grey Wheelie Bin - Council Approved (EN840)- CK9206           120L Blue Wheelie Bin - Council Approved (EN840)- CK9210

120 litre green wheelie bin, a 120 litre grey wheelie bin and a 120 litre blue wheelie bin.


I’ll spare you the 240 litre green wheelie bin, 240 litre grey wheelie bin and yes a 240 litre blue wheelie bin. Likewise the 660 litre 4 wheeled behemoths too.

OK, the subject could be more glamorous. There are definitely more exciting products in our portfolio.

A wheelie bin is a wheelie bin right?

Well no. Far from it in fact.

If the wheelie bins ensconced in your garden/yard/behind your business were supplied by the council, chances are it’ll be one of the good ones.

Cater-Clean wheelie bins have met the rigorous EN840 European standard to which a wheelie bin must comply if your local council is going to entertain emptying it on a regular basis.

This EN840 standard isn’t another example of those EU bureaucrats interfering with our bananas this standard makes sense. Your wheelie bin is likely set for a hard life. Your wheelie bin must endure the worst of the British weather – rain, snow & sun (not so much) and the average Waste Management Facilitator  is typically less than gentle when manoeuvring your heavily laden bins to and fro. Mine literally slingshots it back in the general direction of where it started and I’m confident that, to spice up the day, for each stop on the round there is a “personal best” distance. Like curling or bowls but without the accuracy requirement. They’ve also got to be strong enough and the right size and shape for the lifting gear on the bin trucks too.

To make a long story a bit less long. Wheelie bins vary in quality and, as with most things – quality matters.

The Cater-Clean range of council (and EN840) approved wheelie bins are…

  • resistant To Fading, UV, Heat, Frost, Natural & Chemical Degradation.
  • made from the highest quality Canadian High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
  • fitted with heavy duty HDPE (again from Canada) wheels with carbon steel anti-corrosion axles and high grade natural solid genuine rubber.
  • tough. The body is braced to reduce distortion with integral ergonomic handles.

Cater-Clean Wheelie Bins: Absolutely NOT rubbish bins.

Combine the above with the UK’s best price wheelie bins, available in grey green & blue 120, 240 and 660 litre plus next day delivery and it’s as exciting as a wheelie bin gets.

Well, almost…

Image result for funny wheelie bin pictures   Image result for funny wheelie bin pictures   Image result for wheelie bin motorised

Cater-Wash Large Capacity Washing Machines

January 9th, 2017


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Cater-Wash 14kg commercial washing machine, Cater-Wash would like to introduce the 18kg commercial washing machine. These large capacity washing machines are perfect for any venue whether you are looking for large capacity washing machine for you family, a washing machine for large bulky items such as duvets and bedding or even to wash your horse rugs.

Both the 14kg washing machine and the 18kg washing machine run off a 13 amp plug and cold water feed. This means the large capacity washing machines are easy to install and ensures you can reach your desired wash temperature without relying on the temperature of your hot water.

14-18kg commercial washing machine

The 18kg Washing Machine (Left) & 14kg Washing Machine (Right).

With a new cutting edge design this large 18kg capacity washing machine features a huge drum and many other feature including:

  • Pre-wash wash cycle. This is available on most pre set washes. It will pre wash dirty items in cold water to flush out any debris before the main wash cycle begins.
  • Add Steam to your wash. This feature helps to loosen stains and remove odours.
  • Spin speed to 1300rpm. Due to the large drum size more G force is created when spinning which takes out residual dampness from the laundry.
  • Quick wash. The 14kg washer features a 39 minute quick wash and the 18kg washer features a 46 minute quick wash.
  • Both washing machines have a tub clean cycle which allows you to keep the drum clean and odour free.
  • Vibration control on the washing machines allows for quiet operation when spinning.
  • Both machines feature a service test mode which allows us to easily diagnose any problems with the machine.

The Cater-Wash washing machines are ideal for restaurants, bed & breakfasts, launderettes, laundry services, equine rug washing, pet laundry, dog groomers…


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