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Combination Ovens - Hobart

For almost 100 years Bonnet has been known for its culinary expertise in Grande Cuisine both in France & internationally.

Such expertise in cooking allows us to introduce performance innovations, to respond to our clients' requirements & anticipate their needs.

Bonnet has almost 30 years experience in the field of combination ovens & already has 3 generations of Equator ovens constructed.

Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White is just one of many proud owners of a Bonnet combi oven.

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Key Features

* Simple to use with an electro mechanical control panel, with cooking settings visible at a glance
* Uniform results with CoreControl and AirControl to guarantee accurate temperatures and consistent cooking and browning
* Fully automatic cleaning programme which saves money using 50% less water than a standard machine


Key Features

* Saves up to 15% in energy and water with automatic adjustment of water depending on the temperature required and quantity of food being cooked
* Temperature precision guaranteed with heating power adapted to match the load being cooked
* Perfect, consistent results with uniform browning of food with auto reversing fans and AIRDRY function to ensure crispness and moisture
* Intuitive to use with FastPad touchscreen panel and quick, simple access to a variety of pre-programmed recipes
* Essential functions doubled with TWINCONTROL to ensure an operational oven at all times
* Convenient automatic cleaning and descaling system, programmable to start at a time that suits you

HOBART COMBI SERIES: BEQE061/1-11, BEQE101/1-11, BEQE201/1-11, BEQE202/1-11, BEQE0606/1-11, BEQE0610/1-11, BEQG061/1-10, BEQG101/1-10 & BEQG201/1-10. BFPE101/1-11.

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