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Combination ovens work along side you, the Chef. To elevate your cooking game, whether you're a seasoned professional or a busy home cook. Unleash your creativity with the flexibility to roast, bake, grill, steam & reheat dishes to perfection. Here at Caterkwik, we are host to a wide array of Combination ovens,from the likes of Rational, Falcon Lainox, Convotherm, Hobart, Electrolux and more..

The fundamentals of combination oven cooking are as follows.
A combi oven for short, is a highly versatile kitchen appliance that combines two distinct cooking methods into a single unit: Convection (dry heat) and Steam cooking (wet heat).

Convection Cooking.
Involves the circulation of hot air within the oven. Distributed by 1 or more fans, the food is evenly heated throughout. Leaving excellent crisping and browning.

Steam Cooking.
Uses the power of high-temperature steam to cook food as well as humidify the cabinet. It's a gentle and efficient method that helps retain the natural flavors, colours and nutrients of the meals. Steam cooking is especially great for vegetables, seafood and delicate proteins.

Combination Mode.
In which the name derives from, uses a user selected mix of both Convection & Steam cooking. Doing so can allow you to achieve outstandingly succulent steaks, burgers and other meats. Or beautifully caramelized vegetables. The possibility are endless.

Combination ovens come in a variety of sizes. From Small worktop models, Perfect for size limited kitchens. Up to larger 40 tray combination steamers for banqueting or central processing units. While powering your oven is either gas or electric power. Gas models, usually LPG, typically must still be connected to an electric source to operate properly, while electric models can come with single-phase or three-phase connections.

Manual combi steamer ovens often feature dials and buttons which allow chefs to adjust settings on-the-fly, while programmable models typically come with buttons that can be set for different functions. However, modern combination ovens take things even further: many now come with full touch screen control via tablets, allowing cooks to access all types of programmable settings, such as individual tray timers, recipe selection, and automatic cleaning cycles.

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Remember: Combi ovens produce a lot of steam so donít forget about your overhead extraction.

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