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Barbecuing is an age-old tradition that has remained popular for generations. But with commercial catering BBQ Grills, you can enjoy the classic cooking method in a modern way. Most are made of durable stainless-steel and designed to suit professional caterers, these commercial catering BBQ grills bring added convenience to your barbecuing experience. Whether you like using traditonal charcoal style or prefer the convenience of a gas BBQ, all types of BBQs come with their own benefits.

Commercial Catering Charcoal Barbecues: If you love the smell and taste of a professionally cooked authentic barbecue, then turning to a charcoal grill may be your best bet. Not only does it offer an authentic flavour that can't be replicated with any other type of fuel source, but it's easy to use, cost-efficient and allows for detailed control over temperature. Most are made from stainless-steel construction and offer a high-quality cooking surface. Commercial Charcoal barbecues are designed for professional results each time.

Flat Bed Commercial Catering Barbecues: Grilling on a flat bed BBQ offers professional chefs numerous benefits. Flat bed BBQ grills feature large grilling surfaces made from stainless-steel for greater efficiency and convenience. Not only do flat bed BBQs provide a much larger area to cook on, but they also make it easier to evenly distribute heat for better cooking results. Moreover, its stainless-steel construction ensures that itís easy to clean and maintain.

Folding Commercial Catering Barbecues: Folding BBQ grills are an incredibly useful tool for any outdoor chef, whether theyíre a professional or just a casual backyard master. The ability to fold the BBQ grill into a more compact size makes it easily transportable and even easier to store when not in use. Many folding grills are also made from stainless-steel, making them more durable and less likely to rust than other models. Our own Cater-Cook CK9111 Foldable Propane Gas Barbecue Grill can provide most commercial catering establishments with a great value, heavy duty BBQ. Constructed from high quality & durable stainless steel allows easy cleaning and itís ironing board foldability makes it easy to store until you need it.

Hooded Commercial Catering Barbecues: Hooded BBQ grills provide efficient heat retention due to their insulated hoods which help cook food quickly and evenly without letting heat escape. This leads to faster cooking times while maintaining optimal temperature control. Additionally, any smoke is contained within the hood which prevents it from dispersing across your outdoor eating area, saving your customers from coughing and spluttering. Furthermore, many hooded BBQ models are made with stainless-steel exteriors that are resistant to corrosion and provide durable protection against environmental conditions.

Commercial Catering Barbecue Griddles: For large-scale events or small meals alike, BBQ griddles provide the perfect cooking platform. They are strong enough to be used outdoors but also portable enough to move indoors if needed. From mobile catering vans and food trucks to restaurants and even home chefs, these griddles can handle a variety of tasks from preparing large amounts of bacon or eggs for breakfast buffets to searing steaks for dinner service. Additionally, their stainless steel construction is easy to clean which helps keep up with health regulations regarding hygiene standards in the food industry.

Commercial Catering Barbecue Accessories: A dedicated set of BBQ accessories will help keep your outdoor cooking area clean, organized, and safe while also helping to create great tasting food.

Whether you're seeking a top end piece of kit like a Cinders barbecue, a Fir Tree barbecue, Kamado Joe barbecue, or an Archway barbecue, all proud leaders in the commercial catering barbecue world, or a great value commercial barbecue from the Cater-Cook, Buffalo or Lifestyle ranges our prices will not be beaten.
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