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Commercial ice flakers are close relatives to commercial ice machines. Whereas most commercial ice machines strive to produce consistent, uniform shapes such as cubes, flake ice makers instead are designed to create a dry, irregular ice shape.

Flake ice is a versatile ice type and sees lots of use in multiple applications. Heavily used in the fishing industry, flake ice is essential for packaging, transporting and displaying fresh fish.
Due to its ability to maintain the life of perishables, flake ice also sees extended use in the medical sector, where it is a necessary component when transporting organs.
In addition to being used in specialist industries, flake ice is also perfect behind the bar. Bars can utilise compact, undercounter ice flakers to produce lots of flake ice, for frozen cocktails and slushes, without comprising space.

We have a range of commercial ice flaker options available to help you meet your demands. Under 100kg of flake ice production per 24 hours, we have integral flake ice machines. Commercial integral ice flakers produce lots of flake ice without comprising space. Due to their design, which includes the bin into the machine, they are a suitable height to fit underneath standard bars and tabling.

If space is more relaxed, why not try a commercial modular ice flaker? With the freedom of a separate ice storage bin, some modular ice flakers can produce up to 300kg of flake ice per 24 hours. These options are perfect for establishments that regularly require lots of flake ice.

Choose the perfect commercial ice flaker for you from market leaders such as Hoshizaki, Scotsman or Manitowoc or explore alternative options from Cater-Ice and Simag.

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