Hoshizaki have built a worldwide reputation for exceptional quality & reliability & are committed to providing an outstanding level of performance to ensure that customers can depend on Hoshizaki ice machines season after season.

Ice is the finishing touch to any cold drink & the quality of ice leaves a lasting impression. Hoshizaki ice machines produce exceptionally hard & crystal clear ice that melts very slowly, allowing customers to enjoy their cold drinks for longer!

The Hoshizaki IM Range of ice makers are designed with hygiene as a priority & utilises a closed cell ice making system that has an automatic rinse & flush cycle. This means after every new batch of ice, the water reservoir will drain, rinse & then refill with fresh water.

•Hoshizaki places a great deal of emphasis upon the environment, through their "Eco Plan" a long running program, aimed at countering global warming.
Have a look to see if what your looking for is in our Reconditioned & Graded Equipment!!!

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