Interlock Systems For Use With Current Sensors

Where gas cooking appliances are used, all extraction systems in commercial catering establishments must have a gas interlocking system in place to comply with BS6173 and IGEM/UP/19, and this should be installed by a qualified gas engineer. Gas interlock systems prevent the gas supply from being turned on until ventilation is fully operational. Gas interlock systems such as the Merlin CT1200S use an air pressure sensor which detects when the canopy is working correctly with sufficient air flow. Once this is achieved the gas solenoid valve will open and cooking appliances can be used.

Here at Cater-Kwik we are able to offer a variety of gas interlock systems to suit the needs of any professional kitchen. We are also able to offer expert impartial advice, site surveys, design and installation for commercial extraction systems. If you are in any doubt as to your gas interlocking or extraction requirements, please click here to fill out our quick & easy questionnaire. Once completed, this will be sent to our in house commercial extraction experts to determine which system is best to suit your needs. We will then be able to contact you with more accurate details and quote for your requirements.

For detailed information and guidelines on ventilation and gas interlocking systems in commercial kitchens, please refer to this recognized HSE Kitchen Ventilation Document. For detailed information on gas safety in the catering industry please refer to this recognized HSE Gas Safety In The Catering Industry Document.

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